Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Theological Resources

Theology, the Queen of the Sciences, is certainly the height of the intellectual pursuit of men.  All other sciences and disciplines must pay homage to that science and study that seeks the truth of those things directly related to God.  Happily, there are a few resources easily available on the wonder of the world-wide-web to assist such a pursuit.

Lady Theology enthroned as Aristotle hands his works to St. Thomas Aquinas.  Vatican Museums.

The New Advent Website is most useful, for it features not only the text of the Old Catholic Encyclopedia, but the Sacred Scripture (in English, Latin, and Greek), the Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas, a general library of theological documents, and a collection of the writing of the Early Fathers of Christianity.  You might note these pages, in particular:

The Sacred Scriptures in English, Latin, and Greek

The Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas

Writings of the Fathers of the Church

Of course, those writings of the Successor of St. Peter, the Supreme Roman Pontiff, are of significant theological and historical significance.  This collection, which focuses more upon those writings of Popes since the Medieval Period, is certainly well worth noting:

Papal Encyclicals Online

Thought not a resource of documents, the Catholic Hierarchy webpage is wonderful for those who would like to keep up on the hierarchal structure of the Catholic Church as it has been constructed for the last 500 years or so.  This site, regardless of its spartan appearence, is kept up-to-date:

Catholic Hierarchy Webpage

Certainly such a list as this would not be complete without the website of the Vatican.  It is unparalleled for recent documents and texts of papal speeches.  Enjoy:

Vatican Webpage

Live well!

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  1. For the Greek and Hebrew versions, don't forget the Blue Letter Bible ( Simply go to any verse, and, out of the 6 little boxes to the left of that verse, click the one with the letter "C" in it.