Thursday, September 20, 2012

Taxonomy of Non-vascular Plants

Our look at the taxonomical classification of the plant kingdom, begun in the last few weeks, continues today with the simplest members of the that kingdom: the non-vascular plants.

Indeed, aside from the true mosses, only the division (phylum)-level classification of these plants will be presented here.

Image of Moss sending forth its sporophytes -- these plants display the unique alternation-of-generations lifestyle.

Kingdom Plantae

Division Chlorophyta [Green Algae] *

Division Hepaticophyta [Liverworts]

Division Anthocerotophyta  [Hornworts]

Division Bryophyta [Mosses]

  • Class Sphagnopsida [Peat Mosses]
  • Class Andreaeopsida [Granite Mosses]
  • Class Bryopsida [True Mosses] 

*- The Division (Phylum) Chlorophyta [Green Algae] is considered to be a non-vascular plant division here, but a member of the Kingdom Protista by many other sources.

N.B. – The classification of plants is a matter of some debate amongst taxonomists and biologists – you will find variations!  This is the list as presented by the USDA.  Cf., – and the book The Five Kingdoms.

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