Saturday, April 20, 2013

News Sources

A 1918 Front Page of the New York Times -- a news outlet that I do not consult.

As a historian, teacher, and student of current events, I am constantly trying to keep on top of the latest developments around the globe.

To that end, I consult several news sources on a regular basis, which I present to you here.  Please bear in mind that this is my short list -- I am certainly aware of, and consult, other sources when conditions suggest.  Of course, I would welcome quality suggestions to supplement my list.

For Church News, look no further than!
New Advent does a great job in pulling headlines from multiple sources on Church news:
The Drudge Report, while often a bit on the spectacle mongering side, often breaks noteworthy stories, or links to interesting headlines:
I like to check the Telegraph of the UK, as well:
I am a big fan of the graphics of the National Post of Canada:
Finally, when events unfold in the Middle East, as they usually always do, I appreciate the quality of reporting of Al Jazeera (this, of course, is not an endorsement of their worldview!):

My go-to source for weather is the National Weather Service:
I find the intellicast site rather useful for radar and a few other items:

My favorite blogger is the great Fr. John Zulhsdorf:
Also a useful resource for Church News, Whispers in the Loggia:
Finally, for Traditional Catholic news, I check Rorate Caeli:

Live well!

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