Monday, April 22, 2013

1st Anniversary of this Blog

Saint Robert Bellarmine.png
St. Robert Bellarmine, whose work, Ars bene moriendi, is the inspiration for the name of this blog, and the content of my Sunday posts.

This blog, Ars bene moriendi, has now seen a full calendar year of daily posts on a variety of subjects of at least passing interest to this blogger.

Endeavoring to post something each and every day has been an intriguing challenge, and great opportunity to refresh interest in hobbies and interests.

Nevertheless, having done so for a year, the plan is now for the blog to be maintained, but for posts to be presented as keen interest, anniversaries, feasts, or guest posts suggest.  Daily output is going to take a back seat in the order of priority.  All the same, I do intend to continue regular posts, and hope that you will continue, or start to join me!

Of course, there are now over 350 posts for you to search and browse!  Enjoy!

Until tomorrow, and the feast of St. George!

Live well!

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