Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sign of the Times

This Saturday, I offer you a brief selection of signs that I have come across and photographed in my travels.  All of these are exactly as I found them, and shots taken by this blogger.  Enjoy!

First, from Quantico, Virginia -- it would seem there were so many mandatory handicap crossing locations.  This might prove a challenge, however, with a wheelchair!

Next, from the Miami, Florida metropolitan area -- words of wisdom on a sign near a railyard.  It is important to mention these things!

Moving to Butts County, Georgia -- there is nothing like County pride to keep a place clean!

In Milton, Indiana, I found this park: somehow this name makes me think of certain current political movements.

From the wilds of West Virginia -- a sign for the Robert Byrd highway system.  God rest his soul, it is odd that so much was named after the man while still sitting in the Senate, including this highway system.

This sign I saw in Rome, and it made for a fine contrast -- and a suprising flier to come across at a street corner Tabacchi.

Live well!

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