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Messier's Catalogue

Charles Messier (+1817), a French Astronomer and Comet hunter, certainly made a wonderful contribution to Astronomy when, seeking to list those "fuzzy" celestial objects that were not comets, assembled his famous catalogue of star clusters and galaxies.  In his attempts to put together a list of objects to avoid when searching for comets, he gave a us great place to look when hoping to spot some deep space objects.

Charles Messier (+1817)

I present here, for your immense enjoyment, the catalogue of Charles Messier, with the objects by number, with a common name if applicable, the type of object, the constellation where it might be located, and the magnitude of the object:


Messier’s Catalogue


Messier #  Name                               Object Type                          Constellation                       [Magnitude]


M1 The Crab Nebula             supernova remnant in Taurus                            [8.4]

M2                                           globular cluster Aquarius                                  [6.5]

M3                                           globular cluster in Canes Venatici                    [6.4]

M4                                           globular cluster in Scorpius                               [5.9]

M5                                           globular cluster in Serpens Caput                     [5.8]

M6 The Butterfly Cluster      open cluster in Scorpius                                   [4.2]

M7 Ptolemy's Cluster            open cluster in Scorpius                                   [3.3]

M8 The Lagoon Nebula         Cluster with Nebula in Sagittarius                    [5.8]

M9                                           globular cluster in Ophiuchus               [7.9]

M10                                         globular cluster in Ophiuchus               [6.6]

M11 The Wild Duck              Cluster open cluster in Scutum                         [5.8]

M12                                         globular cluster in Ophiuchus               [6.6]

M13 Great Hercules Globular Cluster globular cluster in Hercules [5.9]

M14                                         globular cluster in Ophiuchus               [7.6]

M15                                         globular cluster in Pegasus                               [6.4]

M16 Eagle or Star Queen Nebula emission nebula in Serpens Cauda           [6.0]

M17 The Omega or Swan or Horseshoe or Lobster Nebula

emission nebula in Sagittarius              [7]

M18                                         open cluster in Sagittarius                               [6.9]

M19                                         globular cluster in Ophiuchus               [7.2]

M20 The Trifid Nebula          emission, reflection, and dark nebula in Sagittarius       [8.5]

M21                                         open cluster in Sagittarius                               [5.9]

M22                                         globular cluster in Sagittarius               [5.1]

M23                                         open cluster in Sagittarius                               [5.5]

M24 Milky Way Patch          star cloud with open cluster NGC 6603 in Sagittarius [4.5]

M25                                         open cluster in Sagittarius                               [4.6]

M26                                         open cluster in Scutum                                     [8]

M27 The Dumbbell Nebula   planetary nebula in Vulpecula               [8.1]

M28                                         globular cluster in Sagittarius               [6.9]

M29                                         open cluster in Cygnus                                     [6.6]

M30                                         globular cluster in Capricornus                        [7.5]

M31 The Andromeda Galaxy spiral galaxy in Andromeda                 [3.4]

M32                             Satellite galaxy of M31 elliptical galaxy in Andromeda [8.2]

M33 The Triangulum Galaxy (also Pinwheel) spiral galaxy in Triangulum [5.7]

M34                                         open cluster in Perseus                                    [5.2]

M35                                         open cluster in Gemini                                     [5.1]

M36                                         open cluster in Auriga                          [6.0]

M37                                         open cluster in Auriga                          [5.6]

M38                                         open cluster in Auriga                          [6.4]

M39                                         open cluster in Cygnus                                     [4.6]

M40                                         Double Star WNC4 in Ursa Major                 [8]

M41                                         open cluster in Canis Major                             [4.5]

M42 The Great Orion Nebula emission nebula in Orion                                [4]

M43     part of the Orion Nebula (de Mairan's Nebula) emission nebula in Orion

M44 Praesepe, the Beehive Cluster open cluster in Cancer                         [3.1]

M45  the Pleiades--the Seven Sisters open cluster in Taurus                       [1.2]

M46                                         open cluster in Puppis                          [6.1]

M47                                         open cluster in Puppis                          [4.4]

M48                                         open cluster in Hydra                                       [5.8]

M49                                         elliptical galaxy in Virgo                                    [8.4]

M50                                         open cluster in Monoceros                               [5.9]

M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy in Canes Venatici                                              [8.1]

M52                                         open cluster in Cassiopeia                               [6.9]

M53                                         globular cluster in Coma Berenices                  [7.7]

M54                                         globular cluster in Sagittarius               [7.7]

M55                                         globular cluster in Sagittarius               [7.0]

M56                                         globular cluster in Lyra                                     [8.2]

M57 The Ring Nebula           planetary nebula in Lyra                                   [9.0]

M58                                         spiral galaxy in Virgo                                        [9.8]

M59                                         elliptical galaxy in Virgo                                    [9.8]

M60                                         elliptical galaxy in Virgo                                    [8.8]

M61                                         spiral galaxy in Virgo                                        [9.7]

M62                                         globular cluster in Ophiuchus               [6.6]

M63 Sunflower galaxy           spiral galaxy in Canes Venatici                        [8.6]

M64 Blackeye galaxy            spiral galaxy in Coma Berenices                       [8.5]

M65                                         spiral galaxy in Leo                                           [9.3]

M66                                         spiral galaxy in Leo                                           [9.0]

M67                                         open cluster in Cancer                                     [6.9]

M68                                         globular cluster in Hydra                                  [8.2]

M69                                         globular cluster in Sagittarius               [7.7]

M70                                         globular cluster in Sagittarius               [8.1]

M71                                         globular cluster in Sagitta                                 [8.3]

M72                                         globular cluster in Aquarius                              [9.4]

M73                                         open cluster *Asterism* in Aquarius                [9]

M74                                         spiral galaxy in Pisces                           [9.2]

M75                                         globular cluster in Sagittarius               [8.6]

M76 The Little Dumbell, Cork, or Butterfly planetary nebula in Perseus [11.5]

M77                                         spiral galaxy in Cetus                                       [8.8]

M78                                         reflection nebula in Orion                                 [8]

M79                                         globular cluster in Lepus                                   [8.0]

M80                                         globular cluster in Scorpius                               [7.2]

M81 Bode's Galaxy (nebula) spiral galaxy in Ursa Major                             [6.8]

M82 The Cigar Galaxy          irregular galaxy in Ursa Major                         [8.4]

M83 The Southern Pinwheel Galaxy spiral galaxy in Hydra              [7.6]

M84                                         lenticular galaxy in Virgo                                  [9.3]

M85                                         lenticular galaxy in Coma Berenices                 [9.2]

M86                                         lenticular galaxy in Virgo                                  [9.2]

M87                                         elliptical galaxy in Virgo                                    [8.6]

M88                                         spiral galaxy in Coma Berenices                       [9.5]

M89                                         elliptical galaxy in Virgo                                    [9.8]

M90                                         spiral galaxy in Virgo                                        [9.5]

M91                                         spiral galaxy in Coma Berenices                       [10.2]

M92                                         globular cluster in Hercules                              [6.5]

M93                                         open cluster in Puppis                                      [6.2]

M94                                         spiral galaxy in Canes Venatici                        [8.1]

M95                                         spiral galaxy in Leo                                           [9.7]

M96                                         spiral galaxy in Leo                                           [9.2]

M97 The Owl Nebula             planetary nebula in Ursa Major                        [11.2]

M98                                         spiral galaxy in Coma Berenices                       [10.1]

M99                                         spiral galaxy in Coma Berenices                       [9.8]

M100                                       spiral galaxy in Coma Berenices                       [9.4]

M101 The Pinwheel Galaxy spiral galaxy in Ursa Major                               [7.7]

*M102 Duplication of M101 in Ursa Major ?

M103                                       open cluster in Casseopeia                               [7.4]

M104 The Sombrero Galaxy spiral galaxy in Virgo                           [8.3]

M105                                       elliptical galaxy in Leo                           [9.3]

M106                                       spiral galaxy in Canes Venatici                        [8.3]

M107                                       globular cluster in Ophiuchus               [8.1]

M108                                       spiral galaxy in Ursa Major                              [10.0]

M109                                       spiral galaxy in Ursa Major                              [9.8]

M110                                       Satellite galaxy of M31 elliptical galaxy in Andromeda


From:, with magnitudes from: Stars and Planets Peterson Guide

Live well!

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