Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Seven Days - Gaine's Mill

The second major battle, and the third day, of the Seven Days Battles of 1862, 150 years ago, fought on 27 June 1862, was that of Gaine's Mill.

File:Gaines's Mill 1900.png
The map shows the coordinated attacks of the Confederate forces towards the end of the battle.

Here, the V Corps of the US Army of the Potomac that had beaten off Lee's attacks at Mechanicsville or Beaverdam Creek, were pummeled once more.  Despite their strong defensive line on the high ground above Boatswain's Swamp, the Union forces could not withstand the coordinated attacks that came during the evening of the Battle of Gaine's Mill.  The result: the Union army would abandon its positions north of the Chickahominy River, abandon their supply line back to West Point, retreat to the James River to the south, and, in the end, abandon their offensive against the capital of the Confederacy.  This battle, though Confederate casualties outnumbered Union 8,700 to 6,800, saved Richmond for the South.  Though the Seven Days Battles would rage for several more days, US Major General George B. McClellan was beaten, and his massive Army of the Potomac had given up.  Richmond and the Confederate State of America were back from the brink of defeat.

Here is the NPS description of the Battle, in brief:

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