Monday, June 25, 2012

Historical Marker Database

Brent Town Marker Photo, Click for full size

If the reader is anything like this writer, he very much enjoys roadside historical markers, but often finds it difficult to stop and read them.

That being the case, I was rather please to find The Historical Marker Database:

This website allows you to not only look up and read signs that you have seen passing by on your local highway, but also to find new signs or markers on topics that you might be interested in.

I have used it with great success to find markers for particular campaigns or events that I had no idea even existed.  Likewise, it is a great way to verify what you will find, even if you already know the sign is there.

So, I close with a link to my local marker, for the Signal Hill:

Signal Hill Marker Photo, Click for full size

Live well!

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