Friday, May 4, 2012

Super Moon? Heavens above!

There is a great deal of hype of late regarding this weekend's full moon -- the "Supermoon" as the media would have it.  Of course, it this year's full moon closest to the moon's perigree, but that doesn't amount to a dramatically large full moon -- only 8% larger than normal.  Supermoon?  I think not.

This article at Sky and Telescope gives the numbers and cuts through the hype on the "Supermoon":

For those interested in up-to-the-minute astronomical information that can be customized to your location, you should check the Heavens Above site:
The site provides not only information on the sun, moon, planets, and constellations, but also bright asteroids, comets, and even satellites!  Enjoy!

Full moon in the darkness of the night sky. It is patterned with a mix of light-tone regions and darker, irregular blotches, and scattered with varying sizes of impact craters, circles surrounded by out-thrown rays of bright ejecta.
The Moon.  The lesser light for the night.

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