Friday, March 22, 2013

Map (historical & topo) Resources

File:Topographic map example.png
A USGS Topographic Map featuring the area around Stowe, Vermont.  The site below has these maps for free by download!

Maps are a splendid overview of the world, or some part of it, in which we live.  They are not only tremendously useful, and packed with information, but they can be impressive cultural expressions and even works of art.

Pondering a move to a new county, this blogger has made quite a study of maps lately, and, in that spirit, wishes to note a couple of excellent resources on the subject:

Old Maps Online,  -- is a magnificient resource.  Easily searchable either by names or on the modern map provided, this will prove an excellent resource for the historian or amateur cartographer!  Here are many of those culturally fascinating and artistically beautiful maps.  This is a treat!

More practically, we have the United States Geological Survey map store:
Certainly there are maps here to be purchased, but so to are free downloads of the topographical quadrant maps that the USGS specializes in.  Seach for what you are looking for, click on the pin, and look for the option to download -- for free -- or to order whatever map you might want.

That USGS site also allows you to see a Google map in "Topo" mode, with topographic maps from the Geological Survey in lieu of the typical Google maps.

Live well!

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