Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Resources

File:Storm warning.svg

File:Storm warning.svg
The Storm Warning Flag for a Hurricane, based on the Beaufort Scale.  For the details of this wind scale, check here: Met Office: Beaufort Scale

In light of the rather unique tropical system currently menacing the East Coast of the United States, here are a couple of useful Hurricane and Tropical Resources:

First, and foremost, is the National Hurricane Center:

File:Sandy Oct 26 2012 1610Z.jpg
The current culprit, Sandy.

Especially useful today is the entry for "Sandy":

They also offer a summary of the Hurricane season so far, including the memorable system "Isaac" that caused trouble along the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana and Mississippi that the author of this blog got the chance to drive past: Link to Atlantic Hurricane Season Summary 2012

For comparison, and for an alternative source of information, here is the commercial Weather Channel Hurricane Central website:

Here is the Accuweather Hurricane page:

Also, for reference, the Weather Underground site on the subject:

File:Typhoon Omar 29 aug 1992 2154Z.jpg
Typhoon Omar of August 1992 (the author witnessed the eye of this storm)

Finally, here is a little more information on Typhoon Omar that the author of this blog got to ride through, including eye passage, in 1992: Houston Chronicle Article on the Storm

Live well!

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