Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sorrow & Anticipation: Holy Saturday

The Entombment of Christ by Beato Fra Angelico.

The silence of the tomb.  The piercing sorrow of loss.

Yet, the expectation and knowledge of triumph.  The fasts and disciplines of Lent are nearly at their end.

On this day, Christ descended to the Limbo of the Fathers: Old Catholic Encyclopedia: Limbo

Holy Saturday is a peculiar mix -- grief of the events from the day prior, yet a real anticipation of the joy of Easter Sunday that permits liturgies of the Resurrection creep into this calendar day.

Some history of the day, a day that saw those liturgies move earlier and earlier, until the Latin Church restored them to the evening in the 20th century: Old Catholic Encyclopedia: Holy Saturday

Some customs of the day: Fish Eaters: Holy Saturday

Now, we wait for the great triumph of the Resurrection.

Silence.  Anticipation.

Live well, so as to die well!

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